Feature Updates - 10/19/23

Sign In Options

LabWeek23 participants are provided with two options to sign in -

a) Email Sign In and b) Wallet Sign In.

Note - Based on the email ID or the wallet address used for sign in, your access level will be determined. The following sub-pages will be visible to you depending on your ID association -

  • Manage Events - this section is visible if you are hosting any of the events.
  • Verify Passes - this section is visible to you if your email ID/address has been added as an event verifier under a specific event’s "Registration Details" section.
  • My Passes - if you have already registered for events that utilize LabWeek’s official registration capability then you will see your NFT passes.

My Passes

This is a mobile friendly and an easy access feature that allows you to access and manage all of your event passes at a single location. Note that this only applies to the NFT passes that are tied to events utilizing LabWeek’s official registration capabilities. See some common questions below -

How can I view all my passes ?

You need to sign in using your email ID or the wallet address with which you registered for the event. Once you are signed in successfully you will be able to see the passes under My Passes.

I have registered for 5 events but I see only 3 events under My Passes. Why is it so ?

This could be because you may have used a different email address/wallet address to register for the related events. If you want to view those missing passes, then you need to sign in using the same email address/wallet address provided during registration.

Verify Passes

This is a mobile friendly and an easy access feature that allows the verifiers to check-in the attendee to an event. FAQ on QR code verification below -

How can I check-in the event attendees?

You need to sign in using your email ID or the wallet address configured by the event host for verification. Ask the event host in case you are not sure. Once you are signed in successfully you will be able to verify the attendees by scanning the QR code shared by them.

Upon scanning a QR - why do I get the message “Already Checked in”?

This may happen when you try to scan the QR code of an attendee who is already checked-in for the event.You should also see the last checked-in date/time.

Upon scanning a QR - Why do I get the “Invalid Pass” message?

This can happen in the following scenarios -

  • Event pass would have been generated and shared with the attendee but later the attendee's participation would have been invalidated by the event host for some reasons.

  • An attendee’s QR code doesn't belong to any of the LabWeek23 events.

  • The said event is canceled for some reasons.

Upon scanning a QR - Why do I get the message “Not authorized to verify”?

This can happen when you try to scan the QR code of an event for which you are not set up as a verifier.

Feature Updates - 09/26/23

Registration Page & NFT Tickets

As an event host if you are using LabWeek23’s web3 native registration & ticketing then your event registration page should be live today. What does that mean?

  • This means the "Register" button on your event should be enabled. Congratulations!
  • As an event host, you can now route people to your live event page.
  • Already registered attendees can also go to the registration page to both view & claim their NFT tickets.

Host Event Management

We have improved host event management features. If you are an organizer or hosting an event with LabWeek23, go to the Event Hosting > Manage Existing Events > Enter your Host Contact Email > Verify OTP. Once logged in you will be able to see your event(s) & have 2 ways to manage -

  • Manage Guests
    • Click on Guests to see the list of registered guests/attendees.
    • You can also download the CSV file with attendee details in case you plan to print badges for your event. Only event hosts for the specific event will have access to this data.
    • You can remove a guest from the list in case of an error. The attendees will be notified by email if you do.
    • You can see the removed guest list. You can't add a removed guest; they will have to RSVP again.
    • Invite Only events - If the event is of category "Invite Only" the registration page will allow users to "Apply" for the event instead of a “Free NFT ticket with RSVP”. For invite only event:
      • Hosts will see a list of guests pending approval. Hosts will be notified for all attendees that apply for their event.
      • Ability to approve or reject attendee application.
  • Modify Event -
    • As hosts you can also modify the events data like before. We have made some improvements to this. On manage events page, after logging in -
      • Click on "Modify" for the selected event.
      • Modify details you want to see reflected on the registration page. Especially the “Registration Details” section.
      • Save your changes & go refresh the registration page to see those changes reflected right away. Note the changes on the registration page take effect immediately while those changes on the LabWeek23 schedule page takes about 10 minutes to show.
  • “Submit Event” Form Updates -
    • Adding multiple event host contacts -
      • Hosts can add other hosts and their email contacts so multiple people can manage event and guest details.
    • Add Agenda -
      • If the host adds a start/end date and time to the event, the schedule section becomes available.
      • Click on "Add Agenda" to populate the details of your event, especially if it’s a half-day or longer event. This information helps attendees plan their schedule as they decide to register for your event.
    • Registration Details section -
      • Go to submit event page or modify event page (for existing event).
      • Go to the registration details section.
      • If you plan to use LabWeek23 Native registration feature then select that, otherwise choose the Bring Your Own Registration Option. If you selected the native registration option -
      • Paid option is auto-disabled since it’s not supported.
      • Event Mgmt sub-section - the “Registration Custom URL” field is the only field required to be populated so the system can generate the registration page.
      • RSVP Attributes sub-section - shows all possible fields to add to your registration form for RSVP including a custom field of your choosing.
      • Page Styling sub-section - has the capability to upload a splash image for the registration page header.
      • If you select "Bring your own registration" -
      • "Registration Link" field becomes visible for you to enter the url.
      • "Paid" option is enabled for this registration type.