LabWeek23 Registration & NFT Ticketing
Introducing LabWeek23 Registration & NFT Ticketing Capabilities 🎉
Revolutionize your event management with LabWeek23’s state-of-the-art registration and ticketing features. Break free from conventional methods and enjoy the benefits of our modern, Web3 native solution.

What You Get With LabWeek23 Registration as a Host:
  1. Custom URL Registration Site: Unlike platforms like Eventbrite or that direct users to their sites, the labweek web-app provides you with a custom URL registration site with LabWeek23 co-branding. Maintain brand integrity and ensure a seamless user experience -<your-event>

  2. Truly Web3 Native Experience: LabWeek23 gives your event attendees unique NFT tickets, accessible directly in their wallets at free of cost. Not just entry tickets, these NFTs become lifelong memories and collectibles.
  3. Efficient Event Management: As an event host, you save time and effort. Enter your event details just once at the LabWeek23 site and opt-in for our registration. We'll handle the rest.
  4. Uniform Attendee Experience: Create a consistent and immersive experience for your attendees. All their tickets for various events at LabWeek23 are conveniently located in their own wallet.
  5. Exclusive Partnership with Unlock Protocol: We've joined hands with the web3 native team "Unlock Protocol." This collaboration is exclusively for the labweek hosting teams, enhancing the overall experience.
  6. Attendance Management: As an event host, you will have complete control over the verification process. You can add one or multiple verifiers to track and verify the attendees by scanning their NFTs created.
  7. Attendee Management: Offers the capability to effortlessly view, approve, and export attendee lists, streamlining administrative tasks and empowering event host with efficient features to ensure a seamless event experience.

Join us in redefining web3-native decentralized event management. LabWeek23’s registration and ticketing services are the next page in this chapter. Get in touch with us at  or simply select NFT Ticketing option on the event submissions page or manage events page.